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Pre-Order | 80wt Plus Neon Collection | Tula Pink

Expected Ship Date: October 2024

Discover Tula’s 80wt + Neon collection: vibrant neon shades in Aurifil’s fine 80wt 2ply thread, ideal for her preferred appliqué. Complete with seven extra hues to complement Untamed, achieving flawless results in all your appliqué projects.

10 Small Spools 100% Cotton 80wt:
Colors Included:
7000, 7002, 2423, 6722, 2630, 1231, 7001, 2835, 1148, 2520
Tula Pink
Notion Manufacturer: Aurifil
Notion Type: Thread
Aurifil Thread Type: Aurifil 50wt Thread, Aurifil Thread Boxes
Thread Material:  100% Cotton