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PRE-ORDER | Rainfall in Cosmic | UNTAMED

Expected Ship Date:  Late October 2024

This is the complete line of Tula Pink's newest collection, UNTAMED,  In true "Tula'' fashion, you will be in love with the spectacular floral prints in this new line.  Instead of having flowers in the background with some adorable animals in the limelight, Untamed has brought the flowers to the forefront!  Get ready to experience checkered petal peonies on a checkered background with its own coordinating checkered print.  Dahlias covered in polka dots has a small polka dot print to pair with it. A houndstooth print acts as a latticework for a collection of dogwoods and pansies to grow up and through, paired with a multi-color traditional houndstooth pattern with a swath of neon running through it. For an added layer of depth, you'll find added pigmented neon to the petals and geometrics which give the prints a magical glowing quality!